EP 9: Praise to the Squirrels! And Other Election Season Dystopian Fairy Tales

For A Lot You Got to Holler’s first election season special, co-hosts Zach Mortice and Newcity Design Editor Ben Schulman visit the totalitarian and poorly described world of Agenda 21, a book written by Glenn Beck, a conservative commentator known for his full heart, clear eyes, and tear-streaked cheeks; and Harriet Parke, a nurse of some literary renown. This dystopian artifact from 2012 describes a world in which an all-seeing authority uses clipboards and squirrel worship to manage every aspect of the population’s life, forcing them to march on energy boards, recycle, ride around in pedicabs, and eat lots of soy. (It’s basically a Silicon Valley spa retreat.)

Zach and Ben are joined by returning guest and experienced discourser Bill Hogan to evaluate where this historical document of right wing anti-statism falls in the ascendent Age of Trump, how thousands of rural conspiracy theorists got really into obscure United Nations bylaws and non-binding resolutions, and how [solemn pause] a home-schooled girl is going to change the world.

Special thanks to recording engineer Tim Joyce.

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