A Lot You Got to Holler EP 1: Chicago Plays Itself

Episode 1: Chicago Plays Itself From the eighties to the nineties, movies set and filmed in Chicago showed a city cleaving itself in half. From John Hughes suburban-kid-in-the-city hijinks to the near apocalyptic urban horror of Candyman and Child’s Play, these twenty years of film reflected the straining inequalities of the city that produced them. Our hosts […]

A Seawall That Proves Strong Infrastructure Can Be Pretty, Too

CityLab Ι Dec. 9, 2015  In the alternately dour and idealistic world of water infrastructure, there are some pretty clearly delineated Good Guys and Bad Guys. The Bad Guys are everywhere: gray concrete culverts, drainage pipes, and seawalls that use brute force to shove water out of sight and away from settlements and homes, often exacerbating […]