Decoding Oppression in Architecture: Design as a Tool for Social Justice

Oct. 24, 2017 Ι Redshift In the years since the Great Recession cratered the steel and glass fantasies of a generation of architects, architecture centered around social justice has gained salience and ever-loftier pedestals. But while architects speak of aspirational ways that design can inspire people to be better, more empathetic citizens, design often does the exact opposite: oppress and marginalize. Often applie
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A Lot You Got to Holler EP 11: Roula Alakiotou and the Limits of Incarceration Design

EP 11: Roula Alakiotou and the Limits of Incarceration Design On the latest A Lot You Got to Holler, we peek through the bars of a type of architecture that’s largely invisible to the wider world, yet remains critical to our legal system. We sit down with Roula Alakiotou of Roula Associates Architects, who specializes in justice and corrections facilities, including several projects for the Cook County Jail. Roula ta
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