April 2016

The Experimental Tall Wood Buildings Material Everyone’s Raving About: Mass Timber

Line Shape Space Ι April 25, 2016 The oldest multistory wood-structure building in the world is almost 1,000 years old, surviving dynasties, weather, and even earthquakes. The Wooden Pagoda of Yingxian in China is nine stories and 220 feet tall. Its rustic, octagonal mass is made from 54 different types of wood joints and not a single nail. Given this example, the common-sense reasoning why we don’t build tall wood b
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Next Progressives: Ultramoderne

April 2016 Ι Architect Magazine  Architecture “is supposed to be bold and it’s supposed to be large,” says Aaron Forrest, AIA, one-half of the Providence, R.I., duo Ultramoderne. “It’s meant to be a statement of some kind.” This perspective, from architecture’s vanguard in the post-recessionary year of 2016, may be controversial at a time when many of the field’s academic circles are coalescing around the notion of d
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A Lot You Got to Holler EP 4: Architecture is Hilarious

EP 4: Architecture is Hilarious  Architecture requires massive amounts of money, time, and effort to come together. It’s serious business. Most of the time. But here in Chicago there are a handful of designers that work humor into their architecture whenever they can, as a way to satirize the practice of architecture and the cultures that surround it, or as a way to invite new people into the conversation. For
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The hidden history of African modernism

April 4, 2016 Ι Doggerel  Between 1957 and 1966, almost two-thirds of all African nations declared independence from their colonial rulers, ready to cast off nearly a century of imperial hierarchy by forging new social structures and self-determined economies. And they did so with modern architecture. Modern design for a modern continent For postcolonial African leaders, modern architecture signified independence and
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