Climate change is teaching designers to expand their horizons—or at least it should

Oct. 26, 2021 Ι Architect’s Newspaper  A lot can happen in the space between a book’s title and subtitle, as A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation: Uniting Design, Economics, and Policy (Island Press, 2021) demonstrates. Here, in a reversal from the norm, the subtitle assumes the more evocative bent by elevating design to the same status […]

The restoration of Chicago’s former Pullman Company Town commemorates a pivotal site of progressive American labor

October 25, 2021 Ι Architect’s Newspaper When Andrea Terry, a principal at the Chicago architecture firm Bauer Latoza Studio began working on the renovation of the Pullman Administration Clock Tower Building in 2017, it had no floor, lots of racoons, and trees growing inside. “It was in a terribly sad state,” she said, a tragic […]

The City We Refuse to See

October 2021 Ι New York Review of Architecture, #23  Review: Candyman (2021 version), directed by Nia DaCosta. Spoilers ahead. In Candyman, the 1992 film and its 2021 remake, a killer slips past walls and phases in and out of mirrors. This gore-soaked terror inhabits the shadow-realms of crumbling public housing blocks. He skulks the empty […]

Re-Shaped by Crisis, an “Anti-Biennial” Reimagines Chicago

Oct. 2, 2021 Ι Bloomberg CityLab  The 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial was held, like its two predecessors, in the Chicago Cultural Center, a sumptuous late-19th-century meeting hall in the downtown Loop. Two years later, rocked by Covid-19 and local protests against police violence, North America’s largest architecture and design show finds itself in very different surroundings. […]

At MCA Chicago’s latest blockbuster, there’s more to comics than just the funnies

Oct. 1, 2021 Ι Architect’s Newspaper  The parallels between architecture and comics have not gone unremarked upon. There is, of course, a shared proclivity for world-building, as well as a reliance on grid, contour, line. But there’s one other point of commonality: both mediums tend to suffer when transplanted to the gallery context. That Chicago […]

Why the Gaza Strip May be the City of the Future

Sept. 26, 2021 Ι Bloomberg CityLab When Americans turned on the TV or glanced at their smartphones for news of the deadly clashes that engulfed the Gaza Strip in May — or if they followed the more recent spasm of violence in August that threatened to break the region’s fragile truce — many saw scenes that looked familiar: streets flooded with protesters, engaged in […]