Live, Work, Play: WeLive’s Live-Work Spaces Reveal a “Third Place”

Line/Shape/Space Ι Aug. 31, 2016  According to urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg, people need three types of places to live fulfilled, connected lives: Their “first place” (home) for private respite; their “second place” (work) for economic engagement; and their “third place,” a more amorphous arena used for reaffirming social bonds and community identities. This third place can be a […]

AllTransit Reads Between the (Bus) Lines to Advocate for Urban Life

Aug. 17, 2016 Ι Line/Shape/Space  AllTransit may be the most comprehensive transit database in the nation, but it won’t help you find the fastest route when you’re late for a dinner date. No, it’s much bigger than that. Instead, it peels back the layers of how transit intersects key quality-of-life statistics, using information from 543,000 stops across 800 […]

Wolf Prix on Robotic Construction and the Safe Side of Adventurous Architecture

Aug. 2, 2016 Ι Line/Shape/Space  In response to a conservative and sometimes fragmented building industry, some architects believe that improving and automating the construction process calls for a two-front war: first, using experimental materials and components; and second, assembling them in experimental ways. Extra-innovative examples include self-directed insect-like robots that huddle together to form the shape of a […]