June 2016

Next Progressives: Hazelbaker Rush

Architect Magazine Ι June 2016 There may be grander examples of Hazelbaker Rush’s commitment to material craft and modernist refinement, but perhaps the most direct distillation of the Tuscon, Ariz.–based architecture firm’s design process can be found in the bathroom of Mabel Street Residence, a 1927 Spanish Colonial Revival bungalow that co-founders Darci Hazelbaker, Assoc. AIA, and Dale Rush, AIA, renovated to bec
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Class Consciousness: Landscape Students Plunge into Publishing to Define What Matter to Them

Landscape Architecture Magazine Ι June 2016 IN RECENT ISSUES OF STUDENT LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE JOURNALS, there are articles about the landscape implications of graffiti, the ghost towns of the industrial Arctic, the consolidation of rural Midwest post offices, transit networks of the nuclear waste storage industry, and (unavoidably) how the Internet affects perceptions of landscape. This wide focus maps out a de fact
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A Lot You Got to Holler EP 6: Designing the Machinery of Urbanism with Carol Ross Barney

EP 6: Designing the Machinery of Urbanism with Carol Ross Barney Architecture is concert halls, museums, theaters, and all of our temples of high culture. But it’s also train stations, sewer drains, and the seemingly anonymous infrastructure that makes the city work. Few architects understand how to elevate this everyday machinery of urbanism as well as Chicago’s own Carol Ross Barney. She chats with Newcity design e
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Buildings that Grow, Breathe, and Burn Calories

OZY Ι June 13, 2016 Last fall at an exhibition in Chicago, something was pumping and hissing. Twenty-two tanks, all in a stack, filled with water and framed in wood. Weird art? But clearly it was some kind of wall system. So … weird architecture? And getting closer doesn’t clarify matters. The name of this oddity: “Amphibious Envelope,” a project by David Benjamin of The Living. In each tank, there are aquatic plants
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