December 2015

A Lot You Got to Holler EP 1: Chicago Plays Itself

Episode 1: Chicago Plays Itself From the eighties to the nineties, movies set and filmed in Chicago showed a city cleaving itself in half. From John Hughes suburban-kid-in-the-city hijinks to the near apocalyptic urban horror of Candyman and Child’s Play, these twenty years of film reflected the straining inequalities of the city that produced them. Our hosts will recount Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines as sociopath
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A Seawall That Proves Strong Infrastructure Can Be Pretty, Too

CityLab Ι Dec. 9, 2015  In the alternately dour and idealistic world of water infrastructure, there are some pretty clearly delineated Good Guys and Bad Guys. The Bad Guys are everywhere: gray concrete culverts, drainage pipes, and seawalls that use brute force to shove water out of sight and away from settlements and homes, often exacerbating flooding in places just past the barrier. The Good Guys are a much rarer s
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