September 2015

10 of Chicago’s Lesser-Known Architectural Gems

Dezeen Ι September 30, 2015 Visitors to the first Chicago Architecture Biennial, which opens later this week, will discover a raft of architectural treasures that are often overshadowed by the skyscrapers and institutions the city is famous for (+ slideshow). While the biennial has concentrated most of its exhibitions near the downtown business district of the Loop and the lakefront, organisers have been careful to i
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10 Projects that Sum Up Chicago’s Architecture History

Dezeen Ι September 28, 2015 With the first Chicago Architecture Biennial kicking off later this week, Dezeen picks 10 of the projects – past and present – that have helped shape the city that gave birth to contemporary high-rise architecture. New York might be North America’s architecture and design capital, but Chicago is where all of the good ideas originally emerged. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries
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Chicago Architecture Biennial Preview

Architectural Record Ι September 2015  With more than 100 projects from every inhabitable continent descending on Chicago for the city’s first architecture biennial, the work on display might seem to be grounded in a placeless globalist ether rather than the dozen represented countries. At least nine of the participating practices are located in two or more places at once, with one partner splitting time in two locat
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A Net-Zero House for $220K? It’s All in How It’s Put Together

Line/Shape/Space Ι Sept. 14, 2015 The Axiom House will take half the time typically required to build a four-bedroom, two-bath home. Plugged into the nation’s fastest commercial Internet service, nearly 40 monitoring systems in the Axiom will regulate temperature, oversee the safety of occupants, and dispatch robots to mow the lawn. It’ll consume net-zero energy, with the combination of an ultraefficient building env
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Next Progressives: Design With Company

Architect Magazine Ι September 2015  Design with Company’s Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer have a modest body of experimental and built projects that exist somewhere between Grant Wood’s American Gothic and Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. In their investigative studio, the Chicago-based couple explores Midwestern building archetypes and institutions that are bizarrely iconic. Their projects are playful and su
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4 Ways a Robot or Drone 3D Printer Will Change Architecture and Construction

Line/Shape/Space Ι Sept, 1, 2015 Buildings simply aren’t made like anything else—that goes for sunglasses, furniture, appliances, and fighter jets. No other production process brings massive amounts of material to one place, constructs one item, and then hauls away the garbage. The inefficiencies are monumental. Modular construction has promised a great deal of potential to reduce waste. But what if one answer is to
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